Human Augmentation Code of Ethics

Adopted January 17, 2020

Bodily Autonomy
The ability of an individual capable of informed consent to make decisions about their own body is paramount. All augmentation must be voluntary.


Informed Consent
All parties participating in or undergoing a human augmentation must know and consent to the recognized risks and benefits of the augmentation, and understand that some may be unknown.


The human augmentation community is committed to the sharing of ideas, knowledge, data, and results in a clear, open and public way.


Open Access
Support accessible science and technology in the pursuit of democratizing access to human augmentation.


Always strive to minimize risk and negative impact to others and the environment. Implement the best possible practices given available resources. Recognize that not acting also has consequences.


Uphold the dignity, worth, and privacy of all people. Consider your impact on others and the environment.


Diversity & Inclusion
The human augmentation community strives to foster acceptance and inclusion. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment in any form.

                                                              Learn more about the genesis of the Code of Ethics here.


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